Today around 1000 voters willing to vote have gathered near foreign voting district No.94 in New York, however the members of the TEC state that there are five times less people there. This was reported to UNIAN during direct conference from the USA. The journalist noted that carrying capacity of the polling station is around 100 people in hour, there are only 5 voting booths there.

The people willing to vote have queued themselves into two lines. The thing is that some of the people did not receive invitations for elections, some of them were not included into the list of voters. At the same time foreign observers are working on the streets, consulting people with respect to the voting procedure.

The group of young people with slogans `Nation against falsification` stands near the polling station. Moreover, two exit-polls are being carried out at the entrance. One of them is conducted by `Radio Liberty`, another Young Diaspora Organization. It should be noted that it is midday right now in New York.