`I defy Pavlovsky’s results, because they are absolutely prejudiced and do not reflect general trends. I appeal to journalists not to use his data. These results may be used for possible falsification of election results’, said Volodymyr Polokhalo, who commented on the first results of the all-national exit polls.

The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Political Thought’ journal said that those political scientists were right who said that Central Ukraine would be crucial in formation of election results. ‘If Moroz had joined Viktor Yuschenko, if a consensus had been found, I don’t exclude the possibility that Yuschenko would have obtained victory in the first round’, said Mr. Polokhalo. At the same time the left received somewhat less than had been expected.

In the second round electoral preferences will be distributed in the following way: approximately 80% of Moroz’s supporters will prefer Yuschenko. Regarding Symonenko’s adherents, they are divided into three parts: those who will ignore the election, being disappointed at Symonenko’s rhetoric, those who will vote for Yuschenko and those who will support Yanukovych – they are equal thirds’, said Mr. Polokhalo.

Source: Independent Open Single Information Center ‘Presidential Day 2004’