According to the exit-poll data, supervised by the Head of the Ukrainian Institute of Social Research Olexandr Yaremenko, in the Western part of Ukraine 86.1% of voters supported Mr. Yuschenko, 8.8% - Mr. Yanukovych. In the Central part opposition leader received 53.1% of votes, whereas current Prime-Minister – 26.6%. Voters in the Northern part of Ukraine traditionally were in favor of Viktor Yuschenko, who received 52.9%, whereas Mr. Yanukovych received 21.3%. In the Eastern part, in the Crimea and in Southern Ukraine Victor Yanukovych was traditionally favored. In Eastern Ukraine he received 69.8% of votes, whereas Mr. Yuschenko was supported by 11.7% of voters. Southern Ukraine was more in favor of Viktor Yanukovych, who received 56% of the votes, whereas Viktor Yuschenko received two times less – 22.7%. Unlike in the South and East of Ukraine, in Kyiv Viktor Yuschenko was supported by 68.2% of voters and Viktor Yanukovych received 14.6%.

Source: ІМІ