Starting from 6 p.m. in Mukachevo appeared the signs of an attempt to realize the scenario of failing the elections, which was used on 18 of April at the elections of the major. The head of the election campaign headquarters of Victor Yuschenko in Zakarpattya region, Victor Baloga, informed this. The groups of young people of specific appearance started to gather on the streets, and concentrated around local polling stations. At the same time the militia is pretending that nothing is happening and trying to keep aside.

According to Baloga, the supporters of Yuschenko also gathering near polling stations and they could become victims of these bandits. Taking into account absolute inactivity of the law enforcement agencies, Baloga believes that representatives of the headquarters in DEC will do their best to finish counting the votes as soon as possible and receive the minutes with `wet paint` seal which will made unable in the future to falsify the results of the election. Baloga also reports that observers from OBSE have been beaten today at some polling stations in Mukachevo.