`Numerous violations of the Law `On Election of the President of Ukraine` were reported during the vote at polling station #47 (electoral district #114) in the village of Barannivka, Lugansk oblast, said authorized representative of Presidential Candidate Olexandr Moroz Olga Lukinova.

Members of the electoral commission are openly working in favor of one candidate, Viktor Yanukovych. Olga Lukinova was not allowed onto the premises of the polling station. There are no observers from opposition candidates at this polling station. The observer from the Socialist Party, who tried to prevent illegal casting of ballots minutes before the closure of the polling station, which was witnessed by the members of the commission, was expelled from observers and deprived of the right to be present at the polling station. All this allows one to assume that such actions are undertaken in order to falsify results at this polling station. Violations have been registered and relevant statements have been prepared that will become the ground for submission of complaint for invalidation of the results of elections at polling station #47, electoral district #114.

Source: Media Center ‘Kandydat`