The Consortium of Sociological Organizations made public the results of the exit-poll by the methods of anonymous interview:

V. Yuschenko – 45,23%
V. Yanukovytch – 36, 79%
О. Moroz – 5, 62%
P. Symonenko – 5%.
Do not support any candidate – 2, 38%.

Results of the interview, conducted by the method of personal interview, revealed the following numbers:
V. Yuschenko – 41, 98%
V. Yanukovytch – 40.11%
О. Moroz – 6, 17%
P. Symonenko – 5, 99%.
Do not support any candidate – 1, 52%.

The sociologists have reported that due to the fact that vast majority of voters could answer dishonestly to the question, the exit polls were conducted using two methods. The Razumkov center and Kyiv International Institute of Sociology have conducted the interviews by means of anonymous survey, at the same time centers `Sotsys` and Social Monitoring – by the means of personal interview.